Ducky Technical Services, LLC (DuckyTech for short) delivers expertise in Computer Architecture, Microarchitecture, Simulation, and software performance tuning, offering both custom development services as well as off-the-shelf licensable simulation and tracing tools. Our focus is to enable both rapid and high-accuracy results for our customers.

DuckyTech ISCA 2015 slides

In order to help make the Computer Architecture decisions necessary to achieve product goals, architects invest invaluable time and resources performing calculations or simulations -- from the simple (back-of-the envelope or spreadsheets) to complex (full scale models with all the details of the design). The bigger and more complex the processor, the more the latter becomes necessary.

The Computer Architecture/Microarchitecture modeling is often done entirely in-house, and getting that process set up can seem to be a distraction from the core project. Just the process of making the foundational infrastructure alone, before getting to any of the parts of the supporting model, could take 6 months to a year in time and several person-years of effort, even for experienced modellers.

Our team is focused on streamlining this for you. We help you to get the answers to your questions faster and with high accuracy. We provide you with both pre-built infrastructure products plus any supporting services you may need to tune or execute your model.